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For your convenience, we are providing an instructional video and step-by-step instructions for completing our online Attorney Intake Form.

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For returning attorneys, please enter your email address and click continue. If you have used our form before, we will fill in some of your information for you.


Information: Please Attach, Fax or Email the following information with the Intake Form

1. MRI´s or other medical records showing injuries
2. Police report
3. Bill of particulars or copy of complaint.
4. Record of prior accidents or injuries
5. Pictures of defect

Fax: 866-957-8880

Click on the "Browse" button below to conveniently attach the required files within your computer. Click "Add" to add more files. Click "Remove" to remove files. Once the Attorney Intake Form is complete and the "Submit" button is clicked, your files will forward along with the Attorney Intake Form.

Attach File

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City: Client Telephone:
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Client Social Security No: Client Email:
Case Information:Missing data will delay processing  
Type of Case: Fractures/Broken Bones?:
If Auto Case, Passenger or Driver: Surgery?:
Date of Incident: MRI?:
Insurance Carrier: Prior Accidents and/or Injuries:
Policy Limit: If case is in suit: Court/County:
Previous lien on this case: Index Number:
If Yes, Amount: $: Case Name:
Company: If not in suit: Defendant(s) names:
Pending child support liens: Yes No    
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If you prefer to fax the Intake Form, please download below and fax with items listed above. Fax: 866-957-8880

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