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Settlement Funding – Providing Financial Stability For Personal Injury Plaintiffs

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Settlement Funding – Providing Financial Stability For Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Personal injury lawsuits can be long drawn out financial nightmares. Take the case of the two widows who lost their husbands when a drunk driver crossed the centerline and plowed into a group of motorcyclists. The widows were devastated with the loss of their spouses. They hired an attorney and are now suing the truck driver and three bars that served him alcohol for “wrongful death.”

Just imagine how long this is going to take. Four defendants, four insurance companies, four sets of insurance law firms and a court docket that is jammed full already. The widows were faced with an immediate expense for funerals but the real financial catastrophe is the loss of their husband’s salaries and benefits. How are they going to meet their financial obligations during the months and probably years it will take settle this case?

Granted this example is an extreme but the basic premise is the same regardless of the size or severity of a personal injury case. Plaintiffs, the victims, are faced with upfront costs and have to wait months or even years before seeing a nickel from the defendant. Insurance companies are notorious for using stall tactics in hopes of forcing plaintiffs to accept a lesser settlement because they need the cash now to survive.

Settlement Funding – A Solution To The Stall Game

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The good news is that plaintiffs can tap into their potential settlement money before a settlement has actually been reached. The law allows third parties to “invest” in the outcome of private lawsuits. This practice is commonly referred to as settlement funding or lawsuit funding. If you have a solid case, you can ask an investment firm like industry leading Multi Funding USA to review your case and determine if it is eligible for funding.

It’s important to note that this settlement funding is not a loan or cash advance…it’s an investment. There is no risk to you. You pay nothing back to the investment company until the case has been settled and the defendant has paid you. In the off chance that you lose your case, you owe nothing to the settlement funding company.

How Settlement Funding Works

Asking for a case evaluation for settlement funding, particularly with Multi Funding USA, is a snap. Basically all you need to do is visit their website and enter your contact information. A representative will call within 24 hours and get the name of your attorney. That’s it! That’s all the involvement you have. Your attorney will provide the settlement funding company with all of the case information that they need to make an assessment

Once an evaluation of your case has been made (usually completed within 24 hours) the funding company will make you an offer. You can accept the entire amount or a portion (many plaintiffs make multiple requests for funding as the case drags on). Assuming you accept the offer, the funding can be in your hands as quickly as the next business day.

Once you receive the settlement funding, you can spend the cash any way you like. There are no restrictions on how the money can be spent.

Settlement funding is a no hassle, no risk method to get the cash you need to meet your obligations while waiting for your case to settle. It levels the playing field and eliminates the threat posed by the stall tactics used by insurance companies.

If you are worried about your finances and credit rating because of the lengthy lawsuit process, why not visit today and ask for a case review. It’s quick, easy and can be your saving grace.

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