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Settlement Funding For The Seriously Injured Plaintiff

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Settlement Funding For The Seriously Injured Plaintiff

Settlement funding is an investment product offered by industry leading funding company Multi Funding USA to plaintiffs who find themselves in the Catch 22 of filing a personal injury lawsuit. They have a strong case and the settlement amount could be life changing but they do not have the financial resources to carry them through the months, or maybe years, it will take to actually settle the case.

Any plaintiff who has been seriously injured almost always finds themself in this position. Even if the plaintiff had excellent health care insurance there are still co-pays and deductibles to pay and many policies provide only limited coverage for skilled nursing services in the home.

But the biggest threat to an injured plaintiff is being unable to return to work. Without a source of income it is easy to go through your savings and find yourself facing an impossible financial situation. When this happens, plaintiffs often agree to settle for less, much less, just to get some cash so they can carry on for the short term.

 Settlement Funding To The Rescue

And the insurance companies know this. In fact they count on it happening. The longer they can string out a settlement the less they will have to pay.

Settlement funding, sometimes called lawsuit funding, gets cash to plaintiffs when they need it. Funding companies evaluate the merits of a lawsuit and develop what they believe is a dollar amount that the case will ultimately settle for. Based on that number they will invest in the case offering the plaintiff a percentage of what they think the case is worth. Multi Funding USA provides funding between $500 and $500,000.

The obvious benefit settlement funding offers to a plaintiff is cash now to meet financial obligations and get on with life as normally as possible. But there is more… much more:

  • Settlement funding is not a loan; it is an investment in the outcome of your lawsuit. Should you lose your lawsuit, you owe the funding company nothing.
  • No monthly payments. You pay nothing until your case is settled and you have received payment from the defendant.
  • The money you receive as funding is yours to use any way you like. It is not tied in any way to your expenses; it is tied directly to the value of the lawsuit.
  • Requesting settlement funding is easy. There is no long application, credit check or employment verification. At Multi Funding USA all you have to do to request a funding review is fill in your name, phone number and email address in the “Funding Request Form” located on our website.
  • Once you accept an offer you can typically receive your cash within 24 hours.


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How Settlement Funding Can Help You

Within 24 hours of submitting your request for a funding review a representative of Multi Funding USA will call you and ask for your attorney’s name and contact information. That is all you have to do in this process. The next time you hear from Multi Funding USA will be when they make you a funding offer.

The Company

The company will then contact your lawyer and ask him or her to complete an attorney intake form which includes all of the pertinent facts of the case. Once that is received, an expert at Multi Funding USA will evaluate the information and come up with an offer, as an investment in your case.

It really is that simple.

If you can benefit from settlement funding go to Multi Funding USA and complete the Funding Review Form or start a Live Chat to get answers to your questions right now.

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