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Settlement Funding – Don’t Let Financial Stress Push You to Settle Early

It’s an unfortunate fact that personal injury lawsuits can drag on months, even years, before a settlement or verdict is reached. If a plaintiff has a solid case, insurance companies and the law firms that represent them know that their best strategy is to drag out the process as long as they can. They know that in a serious personal injury claim the plaintiff will experience high medical and hospitalization expenses and a likely loss of income due to time taken for recuperation. The longer they can prolong the settlement funding, the more likely the plaintiff, desperate for cash, will settle for less.

Sound familiar?

If you’re experiencing this “drag it out” insurance strategy there’s a way you can turn it to your advantage. Your attorney keeps telling you to “hang in there” because you have a great case. The insurance company knows you have a good case but the longer they delay the more legal expense they incur. Unfortunately it often becomes a waiting game. On the face of it, the insurance company can easily outwait you but there is a way to level the playing field.

Settlement Funding Gives the Plaintiff Equal Footing

Settlement funding, sometimes referred to as lawsuit funding, is a way to get cash against your potential settlement or verdict. The law allows third parties to “invest” in private lawsuit outcomes and that investment takes the form of money provided to you based on potential settlement amounts.

What this means is you can get the cash you need today so you can “hang in there” and wait out the insurance company.

Sound interesting?

Here’s how settlement funding works. Settlement funding companies like industry leader Multi Funding USA, gather the information about your case and evaluate what they think it will finally settle for. Based on that amount they will then offer you cash against your potential settlement. Settlement funding is not a loan, it is an investment. The settlement funding company does not recover its “investment” until after you have received payment from the defendant. You apply, you get your money and you don’t pay it back until after you’ve won your case and received your share of the settlement. If for some reason you lose your case, you owe the funding company nothing. They write off the amount funded as a business loss which makes settlement funding a no risk deal for you.

Qualifying for Settlement Funding is Quick and Easy

You might think that having someone “invest” in your settlement would require a ton of paper work. It doesn’t. In fact you can start the process in less than 60 seconds.

Remember settlement funding is not a loan. There is no credit check or employment verification required. If you visit Multi Funding USA you’ll see a form on the right hand side labeled “funding review.” It requires three lines of contact info and that’s it. Once you submit that form a representative will call and ask you for the contact info for your attorney.

At that point you’re done. All the heavy lifting is done by your attorney who will be happy to provide the settlement funding company with the details of your case if it means you getting the cash you need to allow him to pursue the case to the mat.

Once your lawyer submits the information regarding your suit, Multi Funding USA legal experts will review it and determine what they think the case will settle for. Based on that estimate, Multi Funding USA will offer you an amount.

You can have cash in your hands in as little as 24 hours if you apply for a funding review today.

Is there any reason you shouldn’t do this? Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be able to tap into your settlement early? Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of the opportunity that settlement funding offers?

Why not visit Multi Funding USA now and complete the simple 3 line settlement funding review form to get the ball rolling.

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