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Pre Settlement Funding vs Post Settlement Funding

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Pre Settlement Funding vs. Post Settlement Funding

The two terms listed in the title may seem similar, yet they represent two very different situations. We will use this article to help you understand the difference between pre settlement funding and post settlement funding.

Pre-Settlement Funding

If you are the plaintiff in a pending lawsuit, pre settlement funding  may be a cash resource available to you. Most types of personal injury suits qualify an individual to apply for a pre settlement funding while their case is still pending. These are sometimes referred to as  litigation funding, or lawsuit funding. It is risk-free financial help prior to the final decision being made by the courts. If you do not receive any settlement funds as a result of your lawsuit, then you have no obligation to repay the funding. Pre Settlement Funding has been used by many families who have found themselves in a financial crisis as a result of a personal injury. There is no credit check required because pre settlement funding is an invest in the results of your case not a loan. There are also no stipulations regarding how the money is to be spent. Pre settlement funding can be used for mortgage payments, groceries, to purchase a vehicle, or just everyday living expenses. It is your money to spend as you see fit. There are no payments to make during the interim or after your case is finalized. The full repayment will come out of the cash awarded to you. Pre settlement funding simply allows you access to some of those finances ahead of time.

Post-Settlement Funding

This type of funding is different from pre settlement funding because it is for individuals who have already been awarded their settlement in court. Unfortunately, the delivery of the award amount seldom comes on the date that the lawsuit is settled in court. Sometimes it can take months or years for the cash payment of the award to actually be delivered to the plaintiff in the case. This is especially true if the defendant decides to appeal the judgment of the court. Meanwhile, the person who has been awarded a settlement has nothing except a piece of paper with numbers on it. That piece of paper does have value, however. It can be used to secure post settlement funding. Instead of waiting for the award check to come, or receiving your payments from the award gradually over time, individuals can receive a lump sum of money in as little as 24 hours after applying.

Individuals who have been enduring months or years of waiting for this decision to be made, should not have to wait even longer to finally receive the cash that they need and is owed to them. Many attorneys have encouraged their clients to apply for these types of loans. Even when an appeal is pending, there is no risk to the applicant. If the decision should be reversed through an appeal, then the funding does not have to be re-paid. The lawsuit funding company assumes all the risk for these types of non-recourse loans.

Pre Settlement Funding vs Post Settlement Funding Summary

To recap the two sections above. Pre settlement funding is cash received while a plaintiff’s lawsuit is still pending. If the plaintiff does not win the lawsuit, he/she owes nothing. Post settlement funding is simply the term used for the same type of funding when the plaintiff has already won his case, and is waiting to receive the cash payment at a future date. Neither pre settlement funding or post settlement funding require credit checks. The application process is very simple and approval can sometimes be made in as little as 24 hours.

Pre Settlement Funding or Post Settlement Funding

If you are in either of these situations, have a lawsuit pending or have been awarded an amount and are awaiting payment, you may qualify to receive lawsuit funding. Simply complete our short pre settlement funding form or  post settlement funding form today.

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