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Pre Settlement Funding – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Did you ever imagine it would take so long for your lawsuit to be settled? You didn’t ask to be in the accident. It wasn’t your fault that you wound up in a hospital for an extended stay and needed a physical therapist to get back to half way normal. And you certainly did not ask for the pain, stress and medical bills that this accident has caused.

But it’s beginning to feel like you’re the loser in this whole experience even though your attorney says you have a solid case. The potential settlement amount is significant but the question becomes, can you hold out financially until the wheels of the legal system finally turn enough times to resolve your suit? The bills are stacking up and you’re running out of cash. How long can you last before you have to tell your lawyer to just settle for whatever he can get?

You’re not the first one to be faced with this dilemma. Plaintiffs just like yourself have been in the same cash crunch position you’re in today. Fortunately, there’s a way to get cash against your settlement, and that can help you “hang in there” until the case is finally resolved. It’s called pre settlement funding, or lawsuit funding, and it just might be the answer you’re looking for.

Pre Settlement Funding is an investment not a loan

Pre Settlement Funding companies are allowed by law to invest in potential settlements of private lawsuits like yours. Basically, funding companies will take a look at the facts surrounding a given case and determine what they think that case will eventually settle for. Based on that number they’ll offer the plaintiff cash against the anticipated settlement, referred to as pre settlement funding.

Here’s the really good part. You don’t pay back the cash you receive for the pre settlement funding until you are paid your portion of the settlement by the defendant. And…if you lose the case, you don’t pay anything to the funding company. Pre settlement funding is not a loan, it’s an investment for the funding company and if the deal goes sour, they simply write it off.

Pre Settlement Funding is easy to get if you have a solid case

Because pre settlement funding is not a loan there is no credit check or employment verification in the application process. In fact, if you use Multi Funding USA, one of the leading pre settlement funding companies, the application form consists of only 3 lines of contact info, and can be found easily on their website. You complete that, submit it, and within 24 hours a representative will call to get your attorney’s contact information.

Your attorney will be asked to submit an “attorney intake” form that details all of the specifics of the case. It’s in your attorney’s best interest to submit this form as it can result in you getting the cash you need to “stay the course”, allowing him or her the time to press for the very best settlement.

Once Multi Funding USA has the facts about your lawsuit, their legal experts will quickly determine what they think your case is worth. Based on that dollar amount, they will offer you a pre settlement funding amount, and if you accept it you can usually have the money in your hands within 24 hours.

And it’s important to note…this money comes with no strings attached. The money you receive for pre settlement funding is yours to spend any way you like. Your pre settlement funding is based on the predicted value of your settlement not the medical bills that you have.

Pre settlement funding is a quick, no risk method to get the cash you need to keep your lawsuit alive. All it takes is visiting Multi Funding USA’s homepage and completing the 3 line request for review. What do you have to lose? Contact Multi Funding USA now.




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