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Pre Settlement Funding – Will You Get a Fair Settlement in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Pre Settlement Funding – Will You Get a Fair Settlement in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit you have probably already discovered that the wheels of justice barely creep along. Your attorney most likely told you the case would take months or even years to settle depending on how the defendant’s insurance company behaved.

Delaying tactics are stock and trade for insurance companies. The idea behind this strategy is that a plaintiff can’t last as long financially as an insurance company can and will at some point settle for less than he or she was originally asking. It is the job of the insurance company to settle the claim, not for what is just and fair, but for as little as possible, and the greater the financial pressure on the plaintiff, the more likely the insurance company will achieve its goal. Pre settlement funding can help alleviate the pressure to settle for less.

Here is an extreme example.

In December of 2008 a teen driving his car was struck by a city police car while travelling through an intersection. The police car ran the red light but did not have its lights and siren going. The occupants of the police car and the teen’s passenger escaped the crash with minor injuries. The teen, however, was completely paralyzed and has been living in hospital conditions in his home for the past 4 years.

Partly because the teen was partially responsible for the accident (there was an allegation of alcohol use) the case moved from settlement negotiations to litigation. Once a lawsuit enters the judicial system it is bound by the court’s schedule, and the courts are swamped.

Four years after first contacting a personal injury attorney, the court awarded the teen $10.2 million to cover past and future expenses. Four years of constant medical expense is a very long time. If the teen and his family did not have a source of additional revenue during this ordeal they most certainly would have had to settle for much less in order to pay their bills.

Pre Settlement Funding – Help when you need it.

For years, plaintiffs were at a tremendous disadvantage when suing in a personal injury case. Facing medical bills, lost time from work and pain from their injuries, plaintiffs routinely settled early just to get the cash they needed to pay their bills and protect their credit rating.

But that’s all changed with pre settlement funding.

Investment companies like industry leader Multi Funding USA have stepped in to provide a valuable service to plaintiffs. These companies can “invest” in the outcome of private lawsuits, just like yours. If you have a strong case these companies can provide pre settlement funding to provide you with the cash you need to prevent having to settle early for less.

Here is how Pre Settlement Funding works.

At Multi Funding USA applying for a case review for pre settlement funding is a snap. Simply go to their website and enter your contact information. Within 24 hours a representative will call and ask for your attorney’s name and contact information. From there the company contacts your attorney who supplies the details of your case, which are immediately evaluated by Multi Funding USA experts.

Based on what the experts think the case will finally settle for, they will offer you a percentage of that amount in the form of pre settlement funding and, if you accept, they can have the funds to you within 24 hours. This cash is not a loan…it’s an investment. You pay it back when you win your case and have been paid by the defendant. If you lose your case you owe nothing to the pre settlement funding company.

This is a no risk method to get the cash you need now. Why not visit right now and submit your information for a no-obligation case review?

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