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Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Lawsuit – Don’t be Victimized Twice

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Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Lawsuit – Don’t be Victimized Twice

Nobody chooses to be in a personal injury accident but when it occurs, the injured party is about to be injured again by the system when they file a personal injury lawsuit. Think about it for a moment. If you’re in a serious personal injury accident that disables you for a period of time, or permanently, think about how you and your family will live during the time you are recuperating.

If you are disabled, you no doubt have medical expenses that you hadn’t planned on. Even if you have a good medical insurance program from your employer there will be copays and deductibles that will most likely be coming out of your pocket. Then of course there’s your work… or lack of it. Once you’ve exhausted your sick leave and vacation time there will be no paycheck. What happens then?

You’re the victim here. You’re the one who is suffering because of someone else’s negligence.

You’ve hired a personal injury attorney but he or she is telling you it could be months or even years before your case is settled.

Here’s why:

  • Personal injury attorneys might not pursue a settlement until you are fully recovered or your doctor has declared that you are as recovered as you are going to get. This could take months. The reason for delaying settlement discussions is to ensure that all of your medical conditions/disabilities are known. If a settlement is made before you’re healed and a new medical condition arises it usually can’t be added on.
  • Insurance companies and their attorneys intentionally delay proceedings. The larger the potential loss the more the insurance company will delay. They know all too well that a plaintiff is going through pain and financial stress and that stress will only increase as time passes making the plaintiff more likely to accept a lower settlement just to get cash. For example a Southfield, Michigan man was involved in a head on auto accident that fractured ribs, punctured a lung and made him unable to continue in his line of work. After his attorney notified the insurance company they eventually offered $750,000, well below the cost of medical treatment and lost past and future wages. The victim was able to financially hang on thanks to lawsuit funding and the case eventually settled for $1.2 million. That’s nearly $500,000 more simply because the plaintiff had the financial wherewithal to stay the course to the end.

It’s a game…a mean game. It’s not that the insurance company didn’t think the injury wasn’t worth $1.2 million; it’s that they thought they could get off for less because of the financial pressure experienced by the plaintiff.

If you find yourself in a personal injury lawsuit today you’re probably wondering how that plaintiff went a year without a paycheck. The answer is that his attorney referred him to a lawsuit funding company.

Leveling the personal injury lawsuit playing field

Lawsuit funding companies like industry leader are organizations that “invest” in the outcome of your lawsuit. Based on the merits of your case, a lawsuit funding company will provide you funding which can help you “stay the course” and allow your attorney to take your case to a fair and just settlement.

Lawsuit funding is not a loan. You do not pay back the funding until your case has settled and you have collected from the defendant. If you lose the case, you owe the lawsuit funding company nothing.

Here’s how it works

Applying for lawsuit funding is simple. There is no credit check, no employment verification and no long application form. With, all you have to do is go to their website and enter your contact information. A representative will call you within 24 hours and ask for your attorney’s contact information. That is all that is involved on your part.

Your attorney will submit the details of your case and the experts at will evaluate the case and make you an offer. If you accept it you can have the cash the next day in most cases.

It is simple, it is no risk and all you have to do is visit to enter your information or call direct at 866-957-8880. Why not contact Multi Funding USA today?

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