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Litigation Funding – A Lifeline For Personal Injury Plaintiffs

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Litigation Funding – A Lifeline For Personal Injury Plaintiffs

If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit you are probably already aware that the wheels of justice turn at an incredibly slow rate. Your attorney has already explained that your case could take months or even years before a settlement or judgment is finally returned.

Can you wait that long?

When an accident occurs that involves personal injury there are always unexpected expenses that the victim (you) has to deal with. There are direct expenses for medical care, therapy and medications and indirect expenses that include burning up all of your sick days and vacation time, or maybe even going without a paycheck once you have exhausted your benefits.

Unfortunately, there are no offsetting reductions in your everyday expenses. The rent still has to be paid, the car payment is still due and even if you try to cut back, your basic expenses will remain pretty much the same.

At some point the economic pressure will be so intense that you will wonder if holding out for that big settlement makes sense. Maybe you should settle for less and get cash now to end the craziness you are living with today.

Do not do that.
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Litigation Funding Lets You “Stay The Course”

Take a moment and think about what is at risk. Your attorney says you have a solid case and it is just a question of grinding it out until the insurance company lawyers exhaust their stall tactics or the case goes to court and you win. Even after you pay the attorney his fee you will have a nice chunk of money. If you settle early you are likely to end up with half or less than you would get if you “stayed the course.”

There is a way to get the money you need now, and it is incredibly easy. Funding companies like Multi Funding USA “invest” in the outcome of private lawsuits like yours. They look at the merits of your case and offer instant funding based on what they think the case will finally settle for. This funding is not a loan. You get the cash today but you pay back nothing until you have been paid by the defendant. If for some reason you lose your case, you owe the funding company nothing.

It really is a no risk way to tap into your settlement before the settlement is official.

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Litigation Funding Does Not Get Any Easier Than This

Getting the cash you need for today’s expenses really doesn’t get any easier than litigation funding. There is no long, confusing application form. In fact, there is no application form at all. There is no credit check or employment verification. All you have to do to have your case reviewed by Multi Funding USA is simply fill out your contact information on their website, or call them direct at 866-957-8880.

If you use the quick review form on the website a company representative will call within 24 hours to get the name of your attorney. Your attorney does all of the heavy lifting. He or she provides Multi Funding USA with the details of the case. Once that’s received, the experts at Multi Funding USA review the documents and decide what kind of offer they can make to you. Multi Funding USA provides funding of $500 to $500,000 depending on the merits of your case.

They will contact you with their offer and if you accept you can generally have the cash within 24 hours. It is just that easy. If this sounds like a solution for you, visit Multi Funding USA today and submit your request for case review.

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