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Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding in New York and New Jersey

When you are the plaintiff going through the long legal ordeal of a pending lawsuit, you can be tempted to settle for a lower amount than what you deserve because of your mounting financial needs. Litigation Funding  can help you in both areas. By relieving your current financial stress, you will feel less pressured to settle your case prematurely.

In New York and New Jersey and in most states, litigation funding creates no risk for the individual receiving it. Cash received from a litigation funding company is considered a non-recourse loan. That means that the lawsuit settlement funds are an investment in the results of your lawsuit settlement.  The litigation funding company is not entitled to any payment prior to the final settlement of the lawsuit and no payment except from the proceeds of the lawsuit itself. If you never receive funds from the lawsuit, then you have no obligation to pay back the litigation funding company.

Individuals who are involved in a lawsuit after having been injured in an automobile accident or boating accident, or experienced some other type of personal injury, often find themselves in a deep financial hole as a result. Many times, there has been a significant loss of income due to the injury. In addition, there are expenses that have not been paid for by insurance. There may be travel expenses and lodging expenses for family members if the hospital stays are not close to home. The spouse may need to take time off work to help care for the injured spouse or their children. When bills aren’t paid on time because of the lack of income, that means finance charges, increased interest and penalties. All these costs continue to mount as your lawsuit slowly creeps through the legal process. The stress of dealing with these ever-increasing financial pressures can be detrimental to an individual’s recovery.

When attorneys find their clients wanting to settle quickly in order to receive some immediate financial relief, they often encourage their clients to seek a litigation funding instead. This way, their client receives some financial relief without losing out on the full amount of remuneration that may be gained by following through on the full litigation process.

Litigation Funding will not affect the legal process

Receiving funds from a litigation funding source has no effect on the legal process at all. The entire process is completely confidential and has no bearing on the case. There are no credit checks or employment verifications to deal with when applying for funding. Your attorney will be able to provide all the documents needed to complete the approval process. The approval amounts are generally 10-20% of the anticipated settlement amounts. Enough funds to help alleviate the current financial crisis, while leaving the majority of your settlement funds untouched. In addition, you only need to request the amount needed at the time, not the full amount approved. If you need more funds later on, the remainder of the litigation funds approved will be available, and you will not need to go through another approval process.

As more attorneys become aware of the advantages that litigation funding can provide for their clients, they are increasingly encouraging their clients to seek this type of pre settlement funding to help relieve the financial pressures that they are dealing with.

Litigation Funding, Do you qualify?

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