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Legal Funding – A Solution To A Plaintiff’s Money Worries

Lawsuit Funding

Legal Funding – A Solution To A Plaintiff’s Money Worries

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled before actually going to court, and that is a good thing considering how jam-packed court calendars are. But just because a case does not go to court does not mean that it is settled quickly. As a rule, the larger the dollar amount of a case the longer it takes to reach an agreement.

And there is a reason for that.

If you have suffered a personal injury and have filed a personal injury lawsuit, you already know how quickly your finances can be placed in disarray. Unexpected hospital bills, doctor bills, therapy bills and lost wages from time you had to take off from work can quickly run through your savings and max out your credit cards. What do you do when you still have bills to pay but all of your resources are used up? You know you have a rock solid lawsuit but the settlement is probably months away and you need cash today.

And the defendant knows that.

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How To Beat The “Big Stall”

The real defendant in a personal injury lawsuit is often an insurance company or a large corporation. The people who work at these organizations are not going to miss a rent payment because your case is dragging along. They will not be receiving calls from collection agencies because they have not settled your claim. They have no incentive to settle early. But they know that you do, and if you do you will probably settle for less…a lot less.

Stalling, using legal procedures to drag out a case, is a time honored practice among defendants in personal injury cases. Stalling tips the playing field in favor of the defendant and often results in the plaintiff settling for less because he or she has simply run out of money.

However, there is a product available to plaintiffs called legal funding, or lawsuit funding that can level the playing field.

Funding companies like industry leader Multi Funding USA can provide funding to plaintiffs based on the merits of their lawsuits. This “funding” is not a loan; it is an investment in the outcome of your case. When you win your case and the defendant pays you, then you pay back the funding company. If you lose the case, you owe nothing.

Sound interesting?

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How Legal Funding Works

Legal funding is an easy, no risk method for plaintiffs to get the cash they need fast.

It all starts by requesting a funding review from a funding company. At Multi Funding USA the request form can be found on their home page and it consists of 3 lines of contact information. There is no long application form, no credit check and no employment verification, just a simple 3 line form. Once you submit it, a representative will call to get the name and contact information of your attorney.

Your attorney provides Multi Funding USA with the details of your lawsuit. Experts at Multi Funding USA review the data and determine what your case is likely to settle for. Based on that number they can make you an offer. The size of your claim does not matter as Multi Funding USA offers funding between $500 and $500,000.

If you accept the offer you can have the money in your hands in as little as 24 hours. There are no conditions attached to the funding. You can spend it any way you wish.  More importantly, you can “wait out” the defendant and give your attorney an opportunity to push for the best settlement possible.

If legal funding sounds like it will work for you, why not submit a request for a funding review now via our website or by calling Multi Funding USA direct at 866-957-8800.

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