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Legal Funding – Take the Financial Stress Out of Waiting for Your Settlement

After the accident your friends said you should sue, and so you did. You turned down that ridiculous offer by the insurance adjuster and found a good personal injury attorney. When he told you that it “could” take months or even a year to settle, what he should have said is that it “will” take several months or even a year to settle. The need for legal funding was the furthest thing from your mind.

You had no idea it would take this long, did you? You’re the injured party but you’re beginning to feel like you’re responsible for bringing all this financial pressure on your family. The hospital, doctors, therapists and pharmacy don’t want to hear about your big potential settlement, they want their money now.

And you don’t have it.

You have some options. You can go to the bank and try to get a personal loan. You can tell your attorney to make the best deal now (even though you know it will be a fraction of what you’ll get if you wait). Or you can seek out a legal funding company and get a portion of your potential settlement in as little as 24 hours.

Which one sounds best for you?

Getting access to your settlement now through legal funding

The law allows third parties to “invest” in private lawsuits like yours. These investors take a look at the facts of the case and determine what they think it will eventually settle for. Based on that settlement number, the company will “invest” in the suit by offering the plaintiff (you) funding on your settlement.

These funds are not loans, they are investments. If you end up losing your case, and there is no settlement money, you owe the legal funding company nothing. The legal funding company gets its money back only after the case has settled, and you have been paid by the defendant.

It’s really a no risk deal to get access to your settlement money today instead of months down the road. Legal funding, an idea whose time has arrived.

And it’s easy.

How to apply for legal funding

You actually don’t “apply” for legal funding, you request a case review. It’s not a loan so there are no long forms to fill out and there is no credit check or employment verification. In fact one of these legal funding companies, Multi Funding USA has a 4 line form on its website for a case review. Just fill in your contact info and a representative will call asking for your attorney’s contact information.

The heavy lifting is done by your attorney who completes an attorney intake form that lays out the details of the case. Based on that information the legal funding company will determine what they think the case will settle for and make you an offer. These offers often come within 24 hours of receiving the intake form.

You might think that the attorney doing the extra work is the catch but it isn’t. For starters it’s in your best interest and he’s supposed to watch out for your interest. But it is also in his best interest.

If legal funding provides you with the financial wherewithal to wait out the process, he has the time to take the case to the mat and get the most that he can. Obviously he works on contingency so the bigger the award, the more he makes.

So does it make sense? Would your life be better off if you had cash from your settlement today?

If your answer is “yes” then you need to start the process for a legal funding review by filling out those 4 short lines.

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