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Legal Funding – How To Survive Waiting For Your Settlement

Legal Funding

Legal Funding – How To Survive Waiting For Your Settlement

Are you in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit that has been dragging on for months? Has your attorney told you that you have a great case but the litigation process just takes time? Is the defendant, rather the law firm representing his insurance company, dragging their feet and using stall tactics?

Are you getting antsy…and short on cash?

Maybe legal funding is a resource you should investigate.

After this experience, you fully understand why punitive damages are completely justified. Aside from the medical bills that your insurance didn’t cover and the physical pain that you suffered, this accident has placed you and your family…and your finances under a tremendous amount of stress.

First there was the event itself and having to deal with the police. Then there was the medical stay and time off work. And to top it all off was the visit from the insurance adjuster who wanted you to settle right then and there for peanuts.

You’re back to work but you’re not at 100% and it’s showing. You just wish this whole lawsuit thing would end and you could collect your share of the settlement.

Tapping into your settlement now

Actually there is a way to access part of your settlement today. It’s called legal funding or more accurately litigation funding. Third party investors are authorized by law to “invest” in your potential settlement. This investment takes the form of a cash being given directly to you. Your attorney is not involved in this transaction.

This legal funding is not a loan. If you lose your case you owe the legal funding company nothing. The funding company recovers their investment only after the case has been settled and you have been paid by the defendant.

Sound interesting?

Here’s how legal funding works.

You can have no risk legal funding in as little as 24 hours

You’ve probably filled out applications for loans or financing in the past. Don’t confuse that experience with applying for legal funding. For starters legal funding is not a loan so there is no credit check or employment verification and you don’t have to put up your first born as collateral. In fact with one legal funding company, Multi Funding USA, all you have to do is provide your contact information…and you do that on their website. Four lines and that’s all it takes.

Once you submit that info, a representative will call you and ask for your attorney’s contact number. That’s it. That is the end of your involvement in the legal funding application process.

The legal funding company will contact the attorney and get all the details of your case. An expert at the company reviews the information and makes an estimate of what the case will ultimately settle for. Based on that number the company will make an offer to you.

And it doesn’t matter if your case is large or small. Multi Funding USA has made legal funding offers for as little as $500 to as much as $500,000.

Legal funding is fast and easy

You could have your cash by this time next week. And when you get it, it’s yours to spend any way you like. The legal funding is based on your potential settlement not on your expenses. You can pay down bills, go on vacation, buy a new car or sock it away. You decide how you’re going to use the money.

If you’re interested, and if getting access to part of your settlement now sounds like a good idea, your next step is to go to the Multi Funding USA website and fill out 4 lines. You’re going to be surprised how fast this whole process goes and in the very near future you’re going to have the money you need now!

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