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Lawsuit Funding – Credit Ratings Do Not Matter

Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding, Credit Ratings Do Not Matter

In New York and New Jersey, like several other states, your credit rating does not matter when you apply for a lawsuit funding.

You see, a lawsuit funding isn’t like a loan. Technically, a loan is money that you borrow and are required, by law, to pay back to the creditor. With a lawsuit funding, you are only required to pay the funds back, if and when, you receive a settlement from your pending lawsuit. It is a ‘non-recourse’ loan. It is an investment in the expected value of your settlement.

Therefore your credit ratings become irrelevant. Credit ratings really do not apply to this type of funding. An employment verification will not be required of you; nor will you have to supply pay stubs from the last three months. Some individuals who utilize lawsuit funding are not even able to work.

With lawsuit funding, there are no monthly payments to make. No debt hanging over your head. No balloon payment. No late payment notices or calls from the credit department. Your repayment of the lawsuit funding will come from your settlement funds. If the litigation results are not in your favor, and you don’t receive a settlement, then you owe nothing.

If this seems a bit strange to you, you might want to look at it this way. In determining whether or not to approve your lawsuit funding request, legal experts will be examining your likelihood of winning your suit, based on the strength of your case. The stronger your case, the better your ‘credit rating’ will be with the underwriters. Instead of requesting a credit report, they will request the case documents from your attorney so that the underwriters can examine the facts related to your particular situation.

The evaluation process for lawsuit funding takes a very short amount of time. Typically, the lawsuit loan funding company will contact your attorney to request the necessary documents to process your request. Once those docs are received, a lawsuit funding application can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

Once your application for lawsuit funding is approved, you decide how much of that amount you want to be disbursed to you at the current time. You can request only a portion of the approved total or the full amount. If you choose to only receive a partial disbursement you can always request additional amounts in the future. You are in full control. One lump sum, as you need it or even monthly disbursements, if that is your preference. You set the terms of the disbursement of your lawsuit funding in whatever format best meets your needs.

As you can see, a lawsuit funding is nothing like borrowing money from a bank. They operate on two totally different sets of rules. Banks are taking a risk when they lend you money. They want to make sure you have the earning capabilities to pay them back. The risk taken by the lawsuit funding institution is based on the details of your case, not on your financial earning abilities.

Lawsuit Funding Application

Complete our short lawsuit funding application today or give us call with your questions at 1-866-957-8880. Why wait for the courts to finalize their decision, when you can receive a portion of the proceeds from this long drawn out battle right now? Read the testimonials of our clients to find out just how easy the lawsuit funding application process is.




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