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Lawsuit Funding – An Answer to Your Need for Fast Cash

Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding – An Answer to Your Need for Fast Cash

Lawsuits take a long time. That’s a pretty obvious statement isn’t it? Your attorney told you that even though you have a rock solid case it would take a while before a settlement was reached, or you went to court and got a judgment. But “take a while” has taken on a new definition and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the bills caused by the accident. You’re going to need lawsuit funding and we’ll tell you why.

The doctors, hospital, physical therapist and pharmacy really don’t care how much you stand to make on your settlement, they want their money now.

And you don’t have it.

Lawsuit funding may be the solution you’ve been looking for and here’s why.

You don’t have insurance, you lost time from work because of your injuries and the last thing you needed in your life are the expenses that have piled up since the accident. So what do you do? If you’re thinking about asking your lawyer to settle for whatever he can get so you can lay your hands on some cash…don’t.

There’s a better way.

Lawsuit funding can put money in your hands within 24 hours

Lawsuit funding is not a loan but a cash investment made by a lawsuit funding company against your share of the settlement. There are no monthly payments and if you lose your case, you owe absolutely nothing.

Here’s how it works.

The law allows for third party lawsuit funding companies to “invest” in the outcomes of lawsuits just like yours. These funding companies will examine the facts of the case and determine what they think the case will ultimately settle for. Based on that evaluation they are willing to “invest” or by offering money directly  to the plaintiff. They get their money back only after the plaintiff has been paid by the defendant…not before. And, if the plaintiff loses the case they owe nothing to the lawsuit lawsuit funding company. The loss is simply written off as a business expense.

If you think this is too good to be true you’re wrong. It’s an easy, fast and common way to get you the cash you need to “hang in there” while your case goes through the system.

Applying for lawsuit funding

If you’ve ever applied for a loan in the past you probably remember how much paperwork was involved and you probably wondered if your credit rating was good enough to get the loan.

That’s not the case with lawsuit funding. For starters lawsuit funding is not a loan so there is no credit check or employment verification. Multi Funding USA, one of the most reputable lawsuit funding companies in the industry, doesn’t require a huge application either. In fact all they need are three lines on their website to be filled out to get a funding review.

The heavy lifting is done by your attorney.

Once you submit your case for lawsuit funding review you will receive a call from a Multi Funding USA representative who will ask you for your attorney’s contact info. Multi Funding USA will then call your lawyer and ask him or her to complete an “attorney intake form” that lists out all the details of your case. It’s in your attorney’s best interest to complete the form and submit it promptly because, a) it’s in your best interest and your best interest is what he/she is supposed to represent, and b) it gives you the cash that buys you time and allows your attorney to take the case to the mat and get the biggest settlement possible.

Within 24 hours of receiving the case information, Multi Funding USA will make a decision on how large an investment in lawsuit funding they can offer. If you accept, you can have either a check or the Multi Funding USA MasterCard Debit Card issued immediately.

That’s it. That’s all there is to getting the money you need to help you get through this rough time. Why not submit your request today by visiting Multi Funding USA your lawsuit funding specialists.


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