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Lawsuit Funding – An Answer for Cash Strapped Plaintiffs

Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding – An Attorney’s Answer for Cash Strapped Clients


You have a client who has a great case. You know it, the client knows it and the insurance company knows it but they of course want to drag it out. You’re willing to take it to the mat but your client however, doesn’t have the same staying power and is contemplating accepting a lesser settlement just to get some cash.

Lawsuit funding may be the solution for both you and your client. With pre settlement funding your client can access the cash they need in as little as 24 hours and…you become a hero for referring him or her to this no risk resource for temporary financial relief.

It’s easy to understand the pressures that a client can experience after an accident involving a personal injury. There’s the event itself, dealing with police, the transport to medical attention, medical services, perhaps occupational therapy and in the middle of it all…an insurance adjuster whose job is to settle the forthcoming claim for as little as possible…preferably for nothing.

Medical bills, lost time at work and the pain and stress of just the healing process combine to make a perfect storm for an early and low settlement and the insurance companies know that. You can advise and assure your client that a fair and equitable settlement is worth much more than the plaintiff is offering but the financial strains are often enough to make a client just want the whole thing to go away.

Lawsuit funding offers the relief your client needs and allows him to let you pursue the case to a favorable conclusion.


Getting your clients the financial help they need.


Here’s how lawsuit funding works. Your client fills out a simple online request for a case review. Within 24 hours a representative from the lawsuit funding company calls them and gathers basic information including your name and contact number.

A representative from the lawsuit funding company will then contact you and request that you complete an online “Attorney Intake” form and provide the details of the case.

A pre settlement lawsuit funding expert will evaluate the data and arrive at a likely settlement amount. Based on that assessment the lawsuit funding company will offer your client cash equal to a certain percentage of what the company believes the case will settle for.

The lawsuit funding company is paid back out of your client’s share of the final settlement. If for some reason you are unsuccessful and there is no settlement, the client owes the lawsuit funding company nothing. This isn’t a loan. It’s an investment in the case and that investment is considered a non-recourse debt. Your client is not trading one debt for another.


Your involvement can buy you the time you need to pursue a settlement.


Basically you do what you would normally do…explain how the plaintiff’s attorney uses delays to increase the odds of acceptance of lowball offers. You explain how staying the course can result in the settlement your client deserves. The only thing you add to this advice is explaining how lawsuit funding can mitigate their financial worries and encourage the client to initiate a request for a case review.

The administrative time your staff spends on completing the Attorney Intake form is minimal and is likely to result in your client being offered funding that will allow them to stay the course.

Your contact with the lawsuit funding company is limited to administrative issues only. You will not be hearing from the lawsuit funding company regarding how much the settlement should be or anything involving managing the suit itself. You’re the attorney; they’re just a third party service.

So at the end of the day you have referred your client to a valuable service and you have bought the time you need to obtain a fair settlement.

Lawsuit Funding Made Easy

If you’d like to learn more about lawsuit funding or find out what other attorneys are saying about it, we encourage you to contact us at 1-866-957-8880 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives now.




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