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Lawsuit Funding, An Alternative To Early Settlement

Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding, A Possible Alternative To Accepting An Early Settlement

For some, in this unpredictable economy that has affected millions of people, lawsuit funding is a welcomed savior. Lawsuit funding, also referred to as a litigation funding  and pre settlement funding, can relieve the financial distress of plaintiffs who are waiting for their lawsuit case to settle.

Lawsuit funding is a non recourse loan which simply means that if you lose your lawsuit case, you owe nothing to the lawsuit funding company that provided you the cash investment. Therefore, lawsuit funding can be a great risk free option for plaintiffs who can’t afford to hold out long enough for a fair settlement offer.

The concept of lawsuit funding can dramatically change the outcome of a plaintiff’s settlement amount. The reason for this is that by a plaintiff accepting lawsuit funding, the plaintiff can become more financially stable allowing their attorney to take more time to negotiate a higher settlement. And because lawsuit funding is a non-recourse loan, the plaintiff makes no payments to the lawsuit funding company until their case is either settled or won and they have actually received the settlement funds.

Several plaintiffs admit that if they had not obtained lawsuit funding while their case was pending, they would have been forced to accept a much lower settlement offer. Thousands would have undoubtedly lost their home and ruined their credit, however many acknowledge lawsuit funding as the resource that brought them back from financial ruin.

Lawsuit Funding Application

Because the actual lawsuit case is used to evaluate the value of the potential settlement the lawsuit funding application process is very fast and simple. The lawsuit funding company contacts the plaintiff’s attorney to obtain the necessary documents to process the funding request, the lawsuit funding company utilizes their in house legal staff to analyze the plaintiff’s case, an offer is then made to the plaintiff and their attorney, paperwork is sent to the plaintiff’s attorney for signatures and cash is disbursed to the plaintiff. This entire process can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Millions of dollars have been disbursed to plaintiffs for lawsuit funding in recent years and it seems to be a welcome alternative to falling victim to accepting an early settlement offer due to financial hardship.

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