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Litigation Funding – Don’t Wait – Get Your Cash Now!

If this is the first time you’ve gone through a personal injury lawsuit you are probably shocked at the amount of time it takes. Your attorney said it could take a while but “a while” has turned into months and it seems you’re no closer to settling than you were at the start. You’ve got unpaid bills because of the accident, bills that certainly were not planned for and you don’t have the cash to cover them.

If you’re getting worn down by the dunning calls and letters and thinking about telling your lawyer to just settle for what he or she can get… You should know that there is a way to get cash early from your settlement and it’s called litigation funding.

Litigation funding, sometimes called lawsuit funding, is a way to tap into settlement money before your case settles. By law, third parties can invest in the outcome of your lawsuit if you allow them. Funding companies will look at the facts of your case, estimate what they believe the final settlement will be, offer you cash against that settlement, and then get repaid after the defendant pays you.

This type of funding is not a loan. There are no monthly payments. The only time you pay back the amount funded is after you have actually been paid by the defendant. If something goes wrong and you lose your lawsuit, you owe the funding company absolutely nothing.


How Does Litigation Funding Work?

Let’s walk through how you can get the cash you need now by taking advantage of the litigation  funding options offered by Multi Funding USA, an industry leader who has funded millions to plaintiffs just like you.

So here we go with a step by step explanation:

  • First visit Multi Funding USA’s website and complete the three lines of information asked for in the “funding review” form and click submit.
  • Within 24 hours a representative of the company will call and ask for the contact information of your attorney. That’s it. Your part is done. This is funding, not a loan, so there is no credit check and there are no monthly payments.
  • The company will contact your attorney and ask him or her to complete the “attorney intake” form. This online document outlines all the details of your lawsuit and once submitted, becomes the basis for Multi Funding USA’s evaluation of your case.
  • A legal analyst at Multi Funding USA will evaluate the intake form and determine what the final settlement is likely to be. Based on that amount Multi Funding USA will make you an offer.
  • You either accept or decline the offer. If you accept it, you could have cash in your possession within 24 hours. Total time between you submitting the request and receiving your cash will typically depend on the amount of time that it takes your attorney to provide the necessary documents. Normally, you could be holding a chunk of your settlement in your hands in as little as 24 hours, if you apply today.

Let’s talk about funding for a moment. It will come to you in the form of a check or the more convenient Multi Funding USA MasterCard Debit Card, whichever you prefer. The money is yours to spend any way you like. You can pay off your bills, take a vacation, buy a car or even open a business if you like. There are no restrictions on how the money can be spent.

Litigation funding really is a no risk method to give you the staying power to allow your lawyer to push for the best settlement. Getting this cash puts a real monkey wrench in the insurance company’s strategy of stringing you along. You have the cash you need and all they have is continuing legal expenses.

Why not visit Multi Funding USA right now and fill out the request for a no-obligation funding review to get the ball rolling. You’ll be glad you did.

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