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Attorney Loan – Empowering Law Firm Growth

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Attorney Loan – Empowering Law Firm Growth

When you have committed to a significant amount of work on a contingency basis, cash flow can become a serious hindrance to a law firm’s business growth. Each contingency case comes with expenses, expenses that may not be reimbursed for months or even years. While you may have the time and staff to accept new cases, if you don’t have the financial capacity to pursue new business you are faced with referring cases to a competitor. Obtaining an attorney loan has been a solution for many lawyers who found themselves in this predicament.

When case expenses build to the point that they put a financial strain on a firm or threaten to force an early settlement, lawyers can turn to companies like industry leading Multi Funding USA for an attorney loan. Unlike traditional financing sources, an attorney loan or a law firm loan takes into consideration the settlement potential of a lawyer’s business to determine the amount it can provide.

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Covering Case Expenses With An Attorney Loan

What if you could take the cost of pursuing a case out of the equation when deciding whether to take it on or not? What if case expenses were not competing for cash needed for normal operating expenses? Your reputation is attracting solid personal injury clients. How much growth would you experience if you could take on more cases?  

At Multi Funding USA we specialize in working with law firms who depend on an attorney loan to help with their case expenses.   When law firms take cash flow worries off the table they are free to use the full capacity of their office. Multi Funding USA is a direct lender, founded by Harley Fastman, a New York personal injury attorney.  We understand the legal business and we design our products to fit seamlessly in a law firm’s operation.
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How An Attorney Loan Works

Our extensive experience in the legal industry puts us in a position to accurately evaluate future contingency fees generated by an individual case or for a law firm in total. Based on that evaluation we can offer a percentage of those projected fees as an attorney loan. Lending based on future contingency fees is a service that traditional lenders will not touch simply because they don’t have the expertise to correctly underwrite the loan.

Just having a reliable source for a contingency fee loan is a great asset for any law firm but the benefits of an attorney loan do not end there:

  • No monthly payments. When you take out an attorney loan you aren’t replacing case expenses with a fixed loan payment. That simply doesn’t make any sense. With an attorney loan there are no monthly payments, freeing up your cash flow to cover other operations.
  • You pay us when you get paid. A truly great feature that relieves all the financial stress and allows you to pursue the case and achieve the best settlement.
  • Low rates. Because we are a direct lender for the attorney loan and there is no third party involved, we can pass on that savings in the form of highly competitive rates.
  • Responsive customer service. We have built our reputation as an industry leader not only on the strength of our products but on our superior customer care as well. Your business is important to us and we show it.

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If an attorney loan makes sense for you, why not contact us today for more information on terms and qualification parameters? Call us at 1-866-957-8880 or visit our website and start an instant chat today.


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