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Yearly Archives: 2012

Legal Funding – How To Survive Waiting For Your Settlement

Tweet Legal Funding – How To Survive Waiting For Your Settlement Are you in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit that has been dragging on for months? Has your attorney told you that you have a great case but …Read More

Funding Options Multi Funding USA Responds to “Sandy”

Tweet Funding Options From Multi Funding USA – responding to the “Sandy” aftermath The devastating effects of super storm Sandy are just now being fully realized and one thing is for certain…business as usual will not be happening in the …Read More

Settlement Funding – Don’t Wait For Your Settlement

Tweet Settlement Funding – Taking the “Wait” Out of Waiting for Your Settlement Your attorney keeps telling you that you’ve got a great case and you really can’t believe how much he thinks it will settle for. But it’s not …Read More

Pre Settlement Funding – You Need It Now – Get It Now

Tweet         Pre Settlement Funding – You Need It Now – Get It Now Your attorney has told you that the insurance company attorneys are stalling again and to hang in there because you have an excellent …Read More

Pre Settlement Funding For Plaintiffs

Tweet         Pre Settlement Funding Helps You Hang In There For The Big Settlement   Who knew that lawsuits could take so long? Your lawyer warned you that the insurance company attorneys would offer a lowball settlement …Read More

Lawsuit Funding – An Answer for Cash Strapped Plaintiffs

Tweet Lawsuit Funding – An Attorney’s Answer for Cash Strapped Clients   You have a client who has a great case. You know it, the client knows it and the insurance company knows it but they of course want to …Read More

Settlement Funding Made Easy – Quick Method To Get Cash Now

Tweet Settlement Funding Made Easy – Quick Method To Get Cash Now   You didn’t ask for this lawsuit did you? And now your attorney has just told you, again, that the plaintiff’s attorney is stalling and there is no …Read More

Lawsuit Funding New York & New Jersey: Who needs it?

Tweet Lawsuit Funding New York & New Jersey If you’ve never been involved in a lawsuit, you may be wondering who needs lawsuit funding and why. The ‘who’ and the ‘why’ behind lawsuit funding are both important. We’ll try to give you …Read More

Litigation Funding in NY and NJ

Tweet Litigation Funding in New York and New Jersey When you are the plaintiff going through the long legal ordeal of a pending lawsuit, you can be tempted to settle for a lower amount than what you deserve because of your …Read More

Pre Settlement Funding vs Post Settlement Funding

Tweet           Pre Settlement Funding vs. Post Settlement Funding The two terms listed in the title may seem similar, yet they represent two very different situations. We will use this article to help you understand the difference …Read More

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