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Rebecca Z.
My name is Rebecca, I have been working with your company for over a year, Nicholas has been my representative for each loan I needed taken out due to the delay in my lawsuit. I wanted to give him a professional recognition for his hard work, great communication with both myself and legal team. Nicholas has always been sympathetic towards my unfortunate situation and handled each contract with detail and care. I have also had the pleasure of speaking to Alex and Mike, both nice. You have a very loyal and great employee.
Rebecca Z.
Kenneth Halperin, Attorney
I have been using Multi funding USA for the past several years. What separates them from other funding companies is not only their highly competitive rates, but their first rate service. Whether its dealing with me, my staff, or my clients, they make things as easy as possible. In the busy environment that we work in, it is important to know that when your clients need funding to help them survive they can get it with quick, expedient and highly professional service. The bottom line is Multi funding USA not only gets my clients the funding that they need, but they make the work required to get it done incredibly simple and quick for my firm, which is also of paramount importance to everyone involved.
Kenneth Halperin, Attorney
Jason L. Paris, Esq
One of the things we hate having to do in this business is devote so much time to our client's funding needs. Multi Funding USA makes it easy, from the application being on their website to being easy to get on the phone, which means our clients get their funding faster when they are desperately in need. And their interest rates are among the lowest we've seen, which our clients also appreciate.
Jason L. Paris, Esq
Paris & Chaikin, PLLC

Thank you Multi Funding USA, without you we would not have been able to go to trial and obtain a $270,000 verdict!
Paris & Chaikin, PLLC
Neil, Multi Funding USA Client
I wanted to express my gratitude to the Multi Funding USA team for making my lawsuit funding possible. I have told my attorney about the professionalism that Multi Funding USA has provided and the great experience overall.
Neil, Multi Funding USA Client
Jay D. Jacobson, Esq.
I wanted to thank you and your staff for working diligently to honor our special requests made on behalf of our client. It helped resolve the case.
Jay D. Jacobson, Esq.
Law Office of Jay D. Jacobson, PLLC

The Multi Funding card was the best choice to receive my funds. When my daughter needed me I used my card and was on a plane the next day. I have added funds to my card through Western Union. I can pay bills. I had my doubts when I choose the card now Iā€™m so happy!!
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